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No matter how big or small, as a business operator you will require advice from time to time. This might be assistance when setting up the business, in the running of the business, and particularly before buying or when selling. You may need to discuss your lease or purchase of business premises, or to discuss which enterprise structure suits you best - sole trader, partnership, company or trust.

Clifton Legal advises businesses of all types and sizes when decisions are required about the conduct and operation of the business, particularly where the decisions will have a long-term impact on the successful operation of the business. We are a small business ourselves so we understand the problems and workings of a small business. We are especially aware of the pitfalls and delicate touch needed around areas such as debt recovery and succession planning.


The lawyers at Clifton Legal can provide advice on such things as:

The most appropriate structure for your business

The formation of a company

Partnerships and joint ventures

Buying or leasing premises

Purchase and sale of companies, businesses, shares and assets


Employment related disputes

Employment contracts

Finance arrangements for the business.

The restructuring of a company or business.

Trade Practices and Consumer Law.

Licensing and agency agreements.

Membership of industry associations.

Government regulation of business.

Business name registration.

Debt recovery.

Succession Planning

Taxation Issues

We work closely with your financial advisors and accountants to ensure a whole-of-business approach to meeting your needs.

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